Anamoose Points of Interest


Buffalo Watching- Ten miles north and approximately three miles east on highway 19. Another area for watching buffalo is north of Anamoose to 36th St., turn east, you will cross a railroad track at Aylmer. Continue east to junction in the road. You will see a Buffalo warning sign where the buffalo can be seen.

Historical Ranch

Moorhead Ranch Number 2 has a unique history and look. It is located three miles south & four miles west of Anamoose. E. P. Moorhead came from Minnesota and bought the farm in 1932 looking for oil. He hired an oil drilling rig, but never found oil. He built a quarter mile rock wall east of the house. The walls are approximately four feet tall and about 16 inches thick.

An elevator was moved out to the farm. He owned milk cows, raised potatoes and had a potato warehouse in Anamoose.  After prohibition he had Grain Belt trucks that delivered beer. A worker was poisoned in the bunk house but no one was ever convicted.

EP Moorhead was the only man in the county with a three-seater car. The car had a glass divider between the driver and the two passengers similar to a chauffeurs cart.

Moorhead only lived on the farm from 1932 to 1935 when he died in an accident. His wife was in the hospital in Minot after having her appendix removed. His housekeeper was driving him to Minot to see her but Moorhead thought she was driving too slow. He took over the driving and had an accident by Bergen. He died two weeks later in his garden from a blood clot. His wife lived on the farm another year.

The house, horse barn, and fence are original. The house has a large stone fireplace. When Otto Giegle moved on the farm the fireplace was painted a bright red and the kitchen cupboards were black.


Wood Crafts - Planter chairs, log cabin bird feeders & bird houses, & unique stump stands.  Royce Ponzer 4 miles north and 3 miles East of Anamoose. 701-465-3612.