Poem/Song about the early Settlers of Anamoose

by Henry Bartz

The Pioneers of Anamoose, NDak air,"Beulah Land"

In spring of eighteen-ninety eight
We landed here with cars by freight,
The cars remained here on sidetracks
Until we all had built our shacks.


O Anamoose, great Anamoose!
The treasury thou hast offered us
 To till the soil, obtain the yields
Which offered us from splendid fields,
To market them, secure the coin,
For this is joyful, spendid, fine.
McNamara has lived here
As section foreman, past few years,
Then next comes Big Stone Colony,
The pioneers, we are to be.
Waydeman, his partner Bartz
The others join with all thei hearts.
Albrecht, Meier, Schmidtke and son
The first settlement here now was done.
Thereafter comes Frank Zimmerman,
John Metzger, Mary and Frank's son,
Bloom and Junior Fredrich Bloom
For Schnase and sons was also room
And others have since gradually
Been coming here most every day,
To look for land, examine it,
For it will raise good crops of wheat.
How dull and sad the country loked,
As we possession of it took.
But now improved, all up to date,
Good prospects here we do await.
The soil is rich, the water nice
This makes a regular Paradise,
The crops are good, the climate fair,
Such places they are surely rare.
The Soo Line Company is fair
For all their settlers everywhere
Underwood's a very nice man
And Casseday does all he can.
Our stores compare with any store
To Harvey we don't go anymore,
Our business men do treat us fine
A better place we do decline
Thank God who has up here us lead
To a place where there is plenty of bread
And room for many more to come
For those who do not have a home.
Final Chorus:
Anamoose, great Anamoose
Shall make of all thy offers use
Shall willingly and skillfully toil
The benefits off from the soil
Appreciate the homestead right,
Good prospects are for all in sight. 
     Written by Henry Bartz

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