History of the Anamoose

City Park by Helen Nolden

Emil Splettstoser was born July 2,1869 in Lueben, Germany. He immigrated to the United States in September, 1885.

In 1889, Emil homesteaded on a farm eight miles northwest of Anamoose. His farm soon became known as “ Sweet Home Park”. He had planted numerous, rich showy flowerbeds, many pine trees, lots of elm trees and rows of lilacs. They were planted in very planned units close to the house.

In the Twenties and Thirties, his “ Sweet Home Park” became known throughout the area. Many people came from miles around to spend a day viewing the beauty of his park.

He made many small cement pillars and markers with slogans on them. He made wooden cutouts of little animals that were painted and placed all over the park.

People enjoyed strolling through the park, admiring the flowers and work that had gone into each scene. The children played games. Men discussed politics and farming. Baseball tourneys were held. After some lively debates, chokecherry wine was brought out and picnic lunches were spread all over the yard.

When Mr. Spettstoser could no longer farm and keep up the Park, Emil moved into Anamoose, while his nephew Hubert Spletto took over the farm duties. This was in the late 1930s.

Emil bought a house just south of the Anamoose City Park. At that time the Park was very neglected. So Emil, with his green thumb, and vivid imagination, arranged many, many flower beds. He planted cottonwood trees. Emil also made patriotic emblems all over the Park. Again he was fulfilling a calling for beautification.

He worked hard and was rightly proud of his little park. Emil died of cancer October 15, 1945, at the age of 76.

Emil’s Park continued to grow. Year after year new things were added to the park. Swings and slides were added for the children, a tennis court for the teens, and soon monuments were added in memory of War Veterans. Today there is a WWll tank setting in the Anamoose City Park. This tank was brought to Anamoose in 1996. It has twin 40-mm guns. It weighs 6900 lbs, is 20ft. in length, by 10 ½ ft wide, and has a height of 9 ½ ft.

A time came when the Memorial Day programs were held in the Park. After the programs, a picnic lunch followed. All of this took place in the shade of the huge trees that were planted by Emil Splettstoser so many years ago. What a nice way to remember our City Park!

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